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A Dozen Traveler Items
A Dozen
Traveler Items
by Michael Hammes
Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons ®
Player’s Handbook
I n t r o d u c t i o n
In line with the other Dozen series releases,
this one tackles a subject that is not often
touched upon: travel. And yet, PCs spend more
time on the road than they do battling mon-
s t e r s .
So, I decided to write up a dozen items that
would be of interest and/or handy to adventur-
ers traveling on the open road (or the forest
track, the desert wastes, etc.). And here we go.
Appraise Information: DC 13. While a
backpack is the storage item of choice for most
travelers, the satchel is preferred for those on
short journeys or who need frequent access to
the items they are carrying. A s u c c e s s f u l
Knowledge (local) check (DC 15) reveals the
coat of arms to be that of the Barony of
Charmaign, suggesting that the satchel proba-
bly belonged to one of the barony’s couriers.
Value: 2 gp (2 gp for the satchel when
n e w ) .
Special Rules: A courier satchel inevitably
contains documents of importance. While they
are usually standard business documents, such
as harvest yields, weekly status reports, etc.
having to do with the administration of gov-
ernment, occasionally more sensitive docu-
ments do find their way into a courier’s satchel.
In most places, interfering with a courier on
business is considered tantamount to interfer-
ing with the courier’s employer directly and is
punishable to the same degree (i.e. death).
B R O A D - B R I M M E D H AT
Appearance: This very broad-brimmed hat
is made of plain gray felt and features a leather
drawstring. The hat’s rather crumpled appear-
ance and the large sweat stain on the interior
suggest that it has seen some use.
Appraise Information: DC 11. A l t h o u g h
people of status and power, i.e. nobility and the
w e a l t h y, would never be caught dead wearing
such hats, the fact that they are worn by peas-
ants only attests to their efficacy in all types of
w e a t h e r. Not only does the broad brim shield
one from the sun, the hat’s material is water-
repellent and the drawstring keeps the hat on
o n e ’s head in all but the fiercest weather.
Value: 1 gp (1 gp for the hat when new).
Special Rules: While a very handy item,
such a hat is indeed a peasant hat and anyone
wearing such a hat will be treated accordingly,
at least initially.
Appearance: This is the classic, kidney-
shaped goatskin waterskin with a wooden cap
and spout bearing the initials “E.R.”.
Appraise Information: DC 11. Amust for
any traveler, this waterskin is able to hold a
gallon of water (or other liquid). The initials
are undoubtedly those of the previous owner,
who is unknown.
Value: 1 gp (1 gp when new).
Special Rules: This is actually an e v e r f u l l
waterskin that continuously refills when water
is drawn or poured from it. Although called an
everfull waterskin, the actual amount the bag
Appearance: This fine leather bag with a
long shoulder strap features a coat-of-arms
prominently displayed upon its front.
905025570.005.png 905025570.006.png 905025570.007.png
A Dozen Traveler Items
can produce per day is limited by the level of
its creator (2 gallons of water every 24 hours
per level).
Faint conjuration; CL 1st+; Craft Wo n d r o u s
Item, c reate water ; Price 500 gp/CL
A t rue everfull waterskin is able to produce
unlimited quantities of water (although the
water can only pour or be drawn out as fast as
its spout will allow).
Faint conjuration; CL 1st+; Craft Wo n d r o u s
Item, c reate water ; Price 2,000 gp/CL
Value: 9 gp (1 gp for a standard dining kit,
2 gp for the gold-plating, 5 gp for the overall
quality; the full service would be worth some
450 gp).
Special Rules: There are a couple of inter-
esting points about this particular kit. The first
is that it is extremely rare for items of such
value to exist as an individual set; usually such
items are part of a greater dining service (usu-
ally for six or eight). Furthermore, such servic-
es are usually stored in chests or wicker bas-
kets; by placing the items in a leather bag
(which, by the way, does not match the set), the
owner assures that the items will be scratched.
As a result, given the recent history of the
Donnityne family, it is quite likely that this set
belonged to the second son of the Earl who ran
away from home some two months ago to seek
his fortune. Since the family is still offering the
substantial reward for locating the young lad,
one can only assume that he is still missing.
Appearance: This fine pair of leather boots
is made of soft, supple leather. They have obvi-
ously been well taken care of, for although the
soles show signs of significant use, the leather
of the boots show little sign of scuffing or
w e a r.
Appraise Information: DC 12. These are
indeed excellent boots. The boots are made of
calfskin while the soles are of the highest qual-
ity cowhide leather; they look extremely com-
f o r t a b l e .
Value: 20 gp (20 gp for the boots when
n e w ) .
Special Rules: These boots are truly very
comfortable and a character wearing them is
able to travel further in a day than one wearing
standard boots; a character wearing these fine
boots can walk 12 hours per day before becom-
ing subject to a Constitution check (DC 10, +2
per extra hour) for forced march.
Appearance: This smoothly polished
palm-sized stone has an arrow carved into it.
Appraise Information: DC 10. It’s a
stone. Perhaps it was someone’s good luck
Value: N / A .
Special Rules: The stone is actually an
infallible compass. To use it, the stone is held
in the owner’s outstretched palm while the
owner concentrates on finding north. Then, as
the owner turns, the stone begins to vibrate the
closer it gets to north.
Although this particular example is a stone,
an infallible compass can look like almost any-
thing, from a divining rod that pulls the hands
in the direction of north to a tip-less arrow that
is balanced on a finger and always spins to
point north.
Faint divination; CL 1st; Craft Wo n d r o u s
Item, know direction; Price 500 gp.
G O L D - P L AT E D
Appearance: This dining kit, contained in
a leather bag with drawstring, features a plate,
cup, knife, fork, and spoon. Each of the items
is gold-plated and has a coat-of-arms etched
into it.
Appraise Information: DC 13. Obviously
this set once belonged to a noble traveler, the
Earl of Donnityne to be exact as revealed by a
successful Knowledge (nobility) check (DC
1 7 ) .
Appearance: This fist-sized sphere of
solid yellow glass feels smooth and cool to
the touch.
A Dozen Traveler Items
Appraise Information: DC 12.
Obviously an object of art, or perhaps some
glassblower’s practice, it has little useful pur-
pose beyond looking pretty.
Value: 5 gp (5 gp for the glass).
Special Rules: By placing the portable
hut onto the ground and speaking the com-
mand word, it grows and creates an unmov-
ing, opaque sphere of force on the spot with-
in 1 round. The sphere is identical to that cre-
ated by the tiny hut spell i.e. it has a 20-foot
radius and up to nine other Medium creatures
beside the owner can fit inside; the only dif-
ference being that the color of the sphere is
fixed by the portable hut’s crafter at the time
of its creation.
Minor evocation; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous
Item, tiny hut ; Price 10,000 gp
Appraise Information: DC 11. Is there a
traveler that does not own a cloak? Arguably
the single most useful item for any traveler, a
cloak does everything from provide shelter to
ward off rain to protect one’s identity. This
particular cloak, although featuring an inter-
esting set of colors, is no different from the
one you can purchase in any town market.
Value: 1 gp (1 gp for the cloak).
Special Rules: The brown side provides a
+5 circumstance bonus to Hide checks in
woodland and rural environments while the
white side provides a +5 circumstance bonus
to Hide checks in snow environments.
Appearance: This brass plate, perhaps
some 6 inches square, bears the inscription
“The bearer of this plaque is to be accorded
all courtesies and is exempt from any and all
tolls”. A coat of arms sits in the upper right
hand corner while a large dent sits in the
lower left.
Appearance: This wool cloak, complete
with large hood, has been died a patchy
brown on one side and white on the other
The value of an item like the road pass described above relies on the DM setting the prop-
er background during play. If the roads in the campaign world are treated much like our
modern highways, where anyone can get on them to anywhere, then a road pass has little
However, if the roads are more like actual medieval roads, then a road pass has tremen-
dous value. Keep in mind that one uses such a road with the permission of the ruling author-
ity. As such, patrols will often question suspicious individuals or groups (and what is more
suspicious than an armed band of adventurers?), and that is if they are honest. If the patrols
are less than honest, then they often harass travelers and attempt to extort funds from them.
A road pass usually makes one immune to such treatment.
Worse are the border crossings and toll points. Here people wait for hours to pay tolls to
bored guards, often have their possessions searched, and are checked against descriptions of
known criminals (and woe to someone that matches the description). If the guards are not
honest, then there is also the matter of a bribe to consider lest the PCs find themselves cool-
ing their heels in the local jail. Again, a road pass avoids those issues completely.
Of course, the DM shouldn’t simply place a road pass into the PCs’ hands. Rather, the
PCs should experience some of these joys of travel (and many others, such as surly town
guards, innkeepers that overcharge for lousy food and dirty lodgings, etc.) as they begin
their adventuring careers. Then, when they become more famous and they are finally issued
a road pass because they are on a vital mission, they will truly value such a treasure.
A Dozen Traveler Items
Appearance: This stout oak walking staff is
polished to a high shine. Its bottom features a dull
metal tip and, strangely enough, its top is carved
into a spoon.
Appraise Information: DC 12. A w a l k i n g
s t a ff such as this is a most useful, if common, item.
Since it can be used for everything from providing
secure footing to vaulting over small streams to
self-defense, no serious traveler is ever without
one. The spoon decoration is rather unusual; only
its creator is likely to know its significance.
Value: 1 gp (1 gp for the staff ) .
Special Rules: The staff is a staff of pro v i -
s i o n i n g . It allows use of the following spells:
C reate water (1/3 charge; three uses equal
one full charg e )
Purify food and drink (1/3 charge; three
uses equal one full charg e )
C reate food and water (1 charg e )
Moderate conjuration; CL8th; Craft Staff, c re -
ate water, purify food and drink, create food and
water; Price 15,750 gp.
Appraise Information: DC 15. While travel-
ing on the highway is usually a much safer and
faster prospect than tramping through the coun-
tryside, it is not without its annoyances. Way sta-
tions, patrols, and border tolls take time and
money and are as much a nuisance as help (espe-
cially when those manning them are less than
To keep important individuals from such petty
annoyances, many governments and municipali-
ties issue road passes which enable their bearer to
avoid such hassles on their journey (at least in
areas controlled by the issuing authority).
In this case, the road pass was issued by the
city of Markutenberg, and entitles its bearer to
avoid questioning by patrols as well as to avoid
any tolls on the roads owned by the city as well as
the gate tolls at the city’s gates.
Value: 2 cp (2 cp for the material, but the pass
is much more valuable for what it does).
Special Rules: Illegal possession of such a
pass, or counterfeiting of the same, is often cause
for the harshest penalties (i.e. death).
Appearance: This is a nice rucksack. Despite
the fact that it has obviously seen some use, the
leather is water-stained and there are several
scratches to be seen, it is in excellent shape.
Appraise Information: DC 12. This is obvi-
ously a rucksack of superior quality, one need
only look at the thickness of the leather and the
strong stitching, and even though it is not new, it
should last many more miles.
Value: 3 gp (2 gp for the rucksack, 1 gp for
superior quality when new).
Special Rules: This is actually a rucksack of
h o l d i n g . It is identical in all respects to a bag of
h o l d i n g , i.e. it comes in four types and opens into
a non-dimensional space.
The chief advantage of this item over a bag of
h o l d i n g is that it leaves both an individual’s hands
f r e e .
Moderate conjuration; CL 9th; Craft
Wondrous Item, s e c ret chest ; Price 2,500 gp
( Type I) to 10,000 gp (Type IV)
Appearance: This leather-covered book has
seen much use. Water spots stain the leather and
bleed into the pages where they smear the writing.
The pages are dropping from the binding in sev-
eral places and overall the book looks as though it
is about to fall apart. While much of the informa-
tion appears to be lost, you can make out several
drawings of creatures and plants.
Appraise Information: DC 15. Since most
people travel for business, not pleasure, traveler’s
journals are rare beyond those kept by merchants
to tally their accounts. Thus a journal such as this,
although it is quite damaged, is a valuable find,
especially since it appears that the author was well
t r a v e l e d .
Value: 3 gp (2 gp for the rucksack, 1 gp for
superior quality when new).
Special Rules: A t r a v e l e r’s journal is an
excellent DM device for introducing new mon-
sters, new locations (lost treasure hoards, lost tem-
ples, etc.), local legends, maps, etc.
A Dozen Traveler Items
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