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NI Guitar Rig 4.1.2 Standalone VST and RTAS x86 and x64 Versions With Working Presets By FilGee.

[FULL Setup Instructions at the bottom of this page]

SUPPLiER : TEAM BEAT                              
PLATFORM : WiNDOWS 7 X86 AND X64                               
LANGUAGE : DE, EN, JP, FR, SP                     

Guitar Rig 4.1.2 Pro Update Information

This Guitar Rig 4.1.2 update provides:

?Improved Guitar Rig 3 preset sound compatibility

?Rig Kontrol 1 recall fix

?Reflektor convolution timings fix

?CoreAudioDevice crash fix

?Recording pedal automation fix

?plus several smaller fixes.


GUITAR RIG 4 PRO offers innovations and improvements that (not only) guitarists will appreciate. The ability to customize your sound has now taken on a truly professional dimension with the new Control Room feature, reworked matched cabinets, new effects and new amps. Improvements to the interface and architecture make GUITAR RIG 4 PRO the most versatile and powerful version yet. 

GUITAR RIG 4 PRO's new amps bridge the gap between vintage goodness and future classic. Cool Plex, Hot Plex and Jump must be heard to be believed. 
New tools to transform your sound include Grain Delay, Octaverb, Iceverb and Twin Delay. 

Master FX Section This new feature allows you to keep any chain of effects while changing presets.

GUITAR RIG 4 PRO comes with over 250 studio-ready presets. Use them as instantly usable pro-quality tones or as a starting point for your own tweaks.

Further technical improvements to GUITAR RIG 4 PRO include: 

Faster workflow with component presets
Better handling of external Controllers
Improved range and quality for time and pitch-based effects
True stereo processing

The enormous preset collection of GUITAR RIG 4 Pro offers an endless range of guitar and bass sounds and setups, from clean to hi-gain, from classic to experimental ? all perfectly sortable by keywords for your convenience: 

For every guitar and bass amp, there?s a selection of common and well-balanced setups to start you off. You can also look for sounds by browsing through popular genres or different categories of special effects. The latter also contains presets for processing other instruments such as drums and synths. To get you inspired with signature tones, the Songs category contains plenty of presets paying homage to legendary guitarists and famous studio productions. 

Enabling what?s impossible with hardware amps and effects, the preset system is at the heart of GUITAR RIG 4?s usability. The completely re-designed Preset Browser is an effective and intuitive sound management system at your service. Saving your virtual rack as a preset and recalling it anytime later is a matter of seconds, so you?ll never again lose that one magic constellation of knobs. When it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff, the sleek new rating system is a real time-saver.

With the completely re-designed Preset Browser and a new high-performance search function navigating through your collection is a joy ? either by browsing through lists by keywords (Tags), or by typing some letters into the search bar. And there?s much more: 

Use tags and sub-tags to organize your presets any way you want 
roup presets into setlists for using them live on stage 
Share presets with your friends or the Guitar Rig user community 
Use Component Presets to add any component to the Rack readily configured
Working with sounds has never been easier or more efficient!

FULL Setup Instructions How To By FilGee.

I have tried to make this as simple as possible so everyone can benefit from this Update and Presets Fix.
You will see folders numbered 1-5 with a breif description of what each folder contains.

I suggest that even if you have already got Guitar Rig 4 installed that you backup your custom presets and uninstall it before you begin.
You might be able to update your current version but due to the number of various versions the people have got i can only garantee a successfull update using the versions provided because these are the exact files and installers i have used myself on different occasions and on different systems.

You can backup your presets by drag and dropping the "Native Instruments" folder out of your "Documents" folder to somewhere else on your system.
Even if your presets are'nt showing up in your current version of Guitar Rig 4 i suggest that you do this because after completing this installation they will show up.

1 - Backup your current presets by dragging and dropping the "Native Instruments" folder onto your desktop for now.
2 - Uninstall any current versions of Guitar Rig 4 you have on your system
3 - Mount or Burn to DVD the Image file "NI Guitar Rig 4.1.2 PC FULL.iso" included. 
4 - Install the Full Guitar Rig 4.1.0 Provided (Don't start it up yet)
5 - Install the addons "Rammfire", "Reflektor and library", "Tracktors12"
6 - Update Guitar Rig 4 to 4.1.2 (Don't start it up yet)
7 - Add the registry entries provided. (Double click "GR4X-Reg-Entries.reg" found in the "4 - [Add Registry Entries]" folder provided.
8 - Drag and drop your "Native Instruments" folder back into "Documents" replace all files when prompted to do so.
9 - Extract the "NI Guitar Rig 4.1.2 Working Presets Fix By" found in the "5 - [Fix Presets]" folder provided. Replace all files when prompted.
10 - Now start "Guitar Rig 4" standalone application and wait. If it's needed Guitar Rig 4 Pro will patch and import all your presets and the Factory ones.

(NOTE) you may need to scan for new presets from within the Guitar Rig 4 windows (Options/Scan for new Presets/Scan) to see your custom presets.
See the "Info and HOW TO.txt" document found in the "5 - [Fix Presets]" folder included for more help on this.

11 - Setup your audio preferences from within the Guitar Rig 4 Window (File/Audio and MIDI Settings...) Then close it.
      I reccommend installing "ASIO4ALL 2.10" if you have it installed if not you can get it for free here  ""

12- Startup your DAW (Cubase, FLStudio or whatever)  and load the Guitar Rig 4 VSTPlugin

You should have Guitar Rig 4.1.2 Pro with all working with presets now.
If you run into any problems please feel free to PM me on demonoid I will always help people whenever i can.

You can drag and drop presets into the preset browser window within Guitar Rig 4 Pro to import them.To Export presets right click your selected prest and choose "Export selected Preset(s)..."

By FilGee.

Thanks to TEAM ASSiGHN and TEAM BEAT for all the great work that they do.
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