Lao Tse Tao-Te-Ching edn by Vladimir Antonov PhD in Biology tr from Russian by Mikhail Nikolenko PhD in Physics (2007).pdf

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Lao Tse
Tao Te Ching
Edition by Vladimir Antonov,
Ph.D. (in biology)
Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko,
Ph.D. (in physics)
ISBN 978-0-9784763-0-4
Published in 2007 by
New Atlanteans
1249 Birchview Rd
Lakefield, Ontario
K0L 2H0, Canada
Printed by Lulu
© Vladimir Antonov, 2007.
The book Tao Te Ching was written by great
Chinese spiritual adept Lao Tse about 2500
years ago. In that incarnation, Lao Tse was a dis-
ciple of non-incarnate Huang Di 1 and achieved
full spiritual self-realization. At present time,
Lao Tse provides spiritual help to incarnate
The work on creating this edition of transla-
tion of Tao Te Ching was done at personal re-
quest of Lao Ts e 2 and with His help.
The book Tao Te Ching is one of the most
fundamental textbooks on philosophy and me-
thodology of spiritual development.
1 One can find more details in the books Classics of
Spiritual Philosophy and the Present and How God Can
Be Cognized. Book 2. Autobiographies of God’s Disciples
under editorship of Vladimir Antonov.
2 In this request He added that a competent translation
of Tao Te Ching could be made only by a person who
traversed the entire Path to the cognition of Tao.
1. One cannot cognize Ta o 3 only by speaking
about It.
One cannot name by a human name that Ori-
gin of the sky and earth Which is the Mother of
Only he who is free from worldly passions
can see It; and he who has such passions can see
only Its Creation.
Tao and Its Creation are One in essence,
though called by different names. The passage
which exists between them is a door to all the
2. When people know the beautiful, they un-
derstand also what is ugly.
When they learn what is good, they realize
also what is evil.
In this way, beingness and non-beingness,
hard and easy, long and short, high and low al-
low knowing each other.
3 Synonyms of this word of Chinese origin are Primor-
dial Consciousness, Creator, God-the-Father, Allah,
Svarog, etc.
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